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Low Cost Los Angeles Airport Parking

There are more or less 23 parking lots available in Los Angeles International Airport Parking. These parkings include the 105 Airport Parking, the FOX Auto Parks, the QuikPark LAX, the Airpark Airport Parking, the LAX Park, the LAX Parking Center, the Parking Lot C, the Radisson, the Sunrise, the WallyPark, the Parking Spot, the Hilton, the Easy Park LAX, the Marriott, the Westin Los Angeles Parking Airport, the Airport Center, the Parking Lot B, the Johnny Park, the Renaissance Montura, the Park Place at LAX, the Park at LAX, the Park Air Express, and the Curb Express. All of these parking lots are designed to fulfill the demands of the sixth busiest airport in the US, the Los Angeles International Airport.

Parking rates in these LAX airport parking areas vary. The following are the rates for those that offer Outdoor Valet Parking. The rate at the Park at LAX- Outdoor Valet is $5.78. It is clean, well lighted, and professionally maintained; thus, providing its clients with first-class parking environment. It is open 24/7 and offers both indoor and outdoor pricing options. Its parking address is located at 11220 Hindry Ave. The rate at the Place at LAX – Outdoor Valet is $6.71. It may be a bit higher but this is because it is just minutes from LAX, right across the street from Lot B. It is the perfect access if you intend to proceed to the 405 or 105 freeways. The parking area boasts of its great degree of courtesy and strong customer relations, aside from the excellent customer service that it provides to its clients. It is located at 11333 S. La Cienaga Blvd. The Curb Express – Outdoor Valet offers a higher rate of $12.05, but this is because it is only the parking company that are allowed to offer curbside personal valet at the LAX airport. It offers the most convenient and fastest park and fly service at LAX with personal valet rid, valet assistance with your luggage, and arrival airline terminal curbside assistance.

The rates of parking at LAX offering indoor valet service also vary. The Park at LAX, which has an outdoor valet, offers its indoor valet at a rate of $6.88. The rate at Park Place at LAX is $7.81. It is just across the street from Lot B and is perfect for passengers going and coming from 405 and 105 freeways. It is proud of its valets who have clean driving records and minimum of five years experience. It even provides complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport and operates all year round, 24/7. The rate of Renaissance Montura Parking is $9.00. It is a first class parking service, which offers indoor parking garage at the Renaissance LAX hotel, a mile from the Los Angeles International Airport. It also offers a 24 hour shuttle service to its clients leaving and arriving from the LAX airport. The rate at Park Air Express is $12.95 is another modern indoor parking facility that serves Los Angeles International Airport. It is just two blocks from LAX and provides free shuttle service and complimentary newspapers to its clients. The rate at Curb Express is $14.25. It is probably the most expensive rate on parking but this is because it is the only valet parking company authorized to curbside personal valet, which will save you much hassles and troubles. The rate at FOX Auto Parks is the same with Curbside Express, $14.25. It may not offer curbside valet parking but it will compliment it with luggage assistance, free transportation assistance to and from the airport on board modern shuttle buses. It is only 3 blocks from the Northeast side of LAX, so consider it a convenient alternative if you will depart or arrive from this area.

Self parking at LAX are also available. Easy Park LAX has a rate of $7.59. It has a 24/7 security and free shuttles every 5 to 10 minutes. It just 3 blocks from the airport, right next to Sheraton Hotel. It has direct access from Century Blvd and provides exceptional service to its customers. The Airport Center offers indoor self parking at a rate of $8.50. It is just a block and half away from LAX and right next to Crowne Plaza Hotel. It offers easy check in and check out service, aside from the 24 shuttle service it also provides. Renaissance Montura also offers indoor self parking at a rate of $8.00 and it just a mile from Los Angeles International Airport. Marriott offers an outdoor self parking at a rate of $8.80, but it is conveniently located just half a mile from the airport with a Starbucks coffee in its lobby. Park Air Express offers their indoor self parking service at a rate of $9.15. Perhaps because it is just two blocks from the airport and it allows a maximum vehicle height of 6”2. Hilton is offering a covered self parking at a rate of $9.90. It is just a quarter of a mile from LAX and only a 5 minute shuttle ride away. It offers luxurious features like free airport shuttle, and Wi-Fi access together with Starbucks coffee, pizza and sandwiches in its lobby. Nevertheless, the maximum height of your vehicle should only be 5’11. QuickPark LAX may not allow LAX long term parking, but a quick check-in and check-out service just a block from the airport. Sunrise has its outdoor self parking offered at a rate of $10.99. Like QuickPark, it is just a block away from LAX and caters to trucks, vans, oversized SUV for an additional $2.00 per day rate.

The Central Terminal Area LAX parking rates offer a higher rate equivalent to $3.00 for the first hour and $2.00 for each additional minute. An entire day will cost you $30.00 but it guarantees the most convenient and most secure way of parking your vehicles, since it is regulated by the airport. Los Angeles is one of the few airports that have this much of parking areas available. It is one of the reasons why LAX remains one of the best.